The Great White Dope

The Great White Dope
I had to do it.

Monday, June 6, 2016

This image shows what I think about Trump...and the folks voting for him.

I came up with this idea about 10 days ago. It took me a few days to paint it and do the layout. When I showed it to a few friends, I knew I had a winner. Most were "white" and they laughed like crazy. The ones that didn't are probably planning on voting for the GWD - and were not my friends anyway.

Anyway, I'm starting to print on-demand 11" X 17" unframed, unsigned, unlimited edition posters. If you'd like one, send $25 to:

Lowell Thompson
P.O. Box 408343
Chicago, IL 60640-8343

Or send it via PayPal to:
Lowell Thompson

Be sure to include the address you want it mailed to, OK?


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  1. Art is politics. Love you Lowell Thompson...Get paid brotherman...